#6 Flyfood, airport meals delivered at the gate

Flyfood is a convenient fresh personal meal service for short haul travellers. Get your personal meal deliverd right at your gate, eat it before lift-off or take it on-board.

I generated this business case last February to illustrate my approach to designing new business ideas and turning them into validated business cases.

Why do airports need flyfood meal service at the airport?

  • Problem: Did you know that airlines generate 300kg of food waste per flight and loose money offering meals on planes?
  • Need: Nevertheless air travellers request quality food, also on short haul flights.
  • Opportunity: International airports have a large food offer. Heathrow for example houses more than 55 restaurants at the airport, including 2 from Michelin star cooks.

How does Flyfood work?

how flyfood works
  1. Flyfood suggests food based on your personal profile and offers a selection of fresh delicacies from 50 restaurants at Heathrow airport.
  2. Your meal is freshly prepared for you, hot or cold, sweet or spicy. Exactly how you like it.
  3. A fellow traveller collects your food or you have it delivered by our autonomous airport drones.
  4. Your meal is delivered at the gate, right in time for you to take it on-board and enjoy it.

How to monetise?

Flyfood could use a business model from fresh food delivery services like Uber Eats or Deliveroo, taking a fixed order fee from the consumer and a commission from the restaurant.

Extra income could come from the airlines since they save thousands of Euro’s every flight if they can stop offering traditional meal services on all their short haul flights.

How big is the market?

Ball park figures estimate the market size for Flyfood at the Heathrow airport alone at about 18.4 mio Euro’s / year.


Why should London Heathrow consider offering Flyfood?

Because it is spot on their ambition to:

  • Make every journey better
  • Help airlines reduce waste and costs
  • Build long lasting partnerships

Disclaimer: I don’t do extensive background checks on patents, trade marks or existing products. Therefore I don’t take any liability for any infringements if you decide to use, modify or adapt any of the ideas from this page to start a business. If you are inspired by this idea and you need professional help to generate and build new business opportunities for your own venture or organisation, I am here to help.

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