#1 Cash back train tickets

14 years ago on Christmas Eve, I was first triggered by a study that showed the reluctancy of Belgians to use public transportation, despite the time they loose daily while sitting in traffic.

Today, things didn’t improve. Belgian roads are still stuffed and people are still hard to convince into using public transportation over private cars. One of the consistent objections for using public transport, is the perception that it is expensive. We can have intensive discussions on the cost of public transport, the efficiency of the organisation and the investments the government should make. Rather, as an entrepreneur, I am interested in the business opportunities of problem solving.

What if you could pay for (part of) your travel ticket by performing simple jobs during the trip?

What if one would organise paid (digital and physical) micro-jobs on medium to long distance train trips? Related to the train and transport itself or unrelated like folding letters, sorting objects, service desks, cleaning the train, changing advertising panels on the train, …

At the completion of the task (digital or physical) you receive credits from the railway service or cash credit. There’s no free rides but with FR€€RIDE, anyone can earn free rides by performing easy jobs during the trip!

How to monetise?

There’s different ways to monetise the idea depending on the customers and solutions you address.
You could offer paid services to the railway company like keeping the trains clean, or offer services to third party companies or even to individuals like station-to-station or person-to-person parcel deliveries.

Excerpt from the original notebook dated December 24, 2003
Disclaimer: I don’t do extensive background checks on patents, trade marks or existing products. Therefore I don’t take any liability for any infringements if you decide to use, modify or adapt any of the ideas from this page to start a business. If you are inspired by this idea and you need a hand to take this idea or another idea to the next level, just ask.





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