Creativesparks.be is a not for profit online blog from Stefan Van Ouytsel to share product and business ideas that might inspire entrepreneurs all over the world.

Can I share or use these ideas?

Feel free to share these ideas through any medium you prefer, as long as your reference to creativesparks.be or the original post.

Moreover, I invite you to use, modify, exploit any of the ideas on creativesparks.be or contribute to the improvement of the ideas in the comments. I don’t expect any money in return, I will never say no to a thank you or a free donation though ;-).

When using any of the ideas on this website. Please do take in consideration that:

  1. I don’t do extensive background checks on patents, trade marks, restrictions by law or existing products on the market. Therefore I don’t take any liability for any infringements if you decide to use, modify or adapt any of the ideas from this page to create a business. If you are inspired by this idea and you want to take this idea or another idea to the next level, feel free to contact me.
  2. I might quote or use pictures, persons, brands that are copyrighted, Trademarked or have other legal protection. All of these rights remain with their respective owners.
  3. With publishing these ideas, I don’t transfer any ownership on sketches, logotypes, pictures, Trademarks or domain names which I or any company I am associated with owns. If you have questions about the commercial usage or ownership of any of the above, please contact me.

Happy sharing!