#3 Bosom friends, stuffed animal baby t-shirts

The perfect DIY project idea for handy mums and dads with newborns and toddlers. Make sure your baby never looses its teddy bear or stuffed animal again. These stuffed bosom friends T-shirts definitely look cute. And they are really fun for babies and toddlers to fiddle with.

Stuffed animal T-shirt rhino design

Designed in 2008

The idea for ‘Boezemvrienden’, Dutch for ‘bosom friends’ or ‘soul mates’ was created 10 years ago for an exhibition. At that time, our son was nearly 2 years old. For the exhibition we created a series of kids toys, prints and wearables based on stylised animal sketches I made another decade before while we were studying in Finland.

Check out the 3 designs featuring a rhino, monkey and a reindeer:

Stuffed animal T-shirt designs

Do you want the plans to start your own  diy project with stuffed animal T-shirts?

Just drop me a mail and I’ll forward you the drawings.




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