Why I am sharing these ideas

Since 1996 I have been collecting my ideas in numerous tiny sketchbooks. As time is limited, I only realised a handful of those product or business ideas myself. For some others I found a great partner company. Most of them never left the sketchbook. Luckily in those 20 years numerous ideas popped up again throughout the world, often many years after I archived them in my notebooks.

Notebooks and sketch blocs keep getting filled and the list of unapplied ideas keeps growing. Therefore, I’ve decided to start sharing my product, service and business ideas with you. Some of them are funny and technologically retarded but address present-day challenges, others look at a future far ahead. Some are premature sketches, others are ready-to-launch business ideas.

Hopefully through sharing, I can inspire, invite and motivate tomorrow’s entrepreneurs to create a better future together.